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Expose, challenge and eliminate the beliefs that are holding you back from the business and life you’re dreaming of. Say goodbye to lack and scarcity and finally hit those $10k, $20k, $50, $100k months!! 
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"Success is 95% mindset and only 5% strategy" 
- Bob Proctor

Are you ready to...

  • ​Break through the limiting beliefs that you know are keeping you stuck, but just feel so real 
  • ​Elevate to your next level, in your business, income and life? 
  • Stop holding yourself back from doing the things you know deep down you’re here to do and taking the action you know your business needs you to take?
  • Overcome the roadblocks that have made you believe you’re not enough, the life you want isn’t meant for you or that you just can’t do it?
  • ​Put a stop to the negative and critical self talk?


    • You believed you COULD do it
    • You believed making money and creating success was easy
    • You believed your success was inevitable
    • ​You believed that you were limitless, NOT limited
    • ​You believed there was an abundance of potential clients all out there waiting to buy you’re stuff
    • ​You believed that life could be easy and fun
    • ​You believed you were a magnet for more money in your life
    • ​You believed the universe is abundant.
    • ​You believed the universe wants me to prosper.

      Whatever you want to believe, you can. It really is that simple. 
      It’s just a case of re-wiring your subconscious mind so that it becomes part of your new programming. And you can start right now, today. With this Belief Busting Workshop.


        • HOW your beliefs are creating your current reality 
        • WHERE your beliefs come from 
        • WHICH beliefs are currently blocking the success, income and business you want to create
        • HOW to eliminate them, using my powerful belief busting framework 
        • BUST the most common money myths
        • BONUS - - Affirmations - the mistakes to avoid 
        • BONUS - - 3 things blocking money right now 
        Let me say that again… your beliefs are NOT REAL.
        Abraham Hicks always says beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking. 

        The problem is, we think them so damn often that they become hard wired in our
         subconscious mind and a control mechanism for everything that comes into our lives. 

        - They impact our point of attraction
        - They impact our vibration
        - They act as a filter for our thoughts, emotions and actions. 

        => All of which create our results. 

        Yep! That even includes how much money we earn. 

        Our beliefs become our rules of life. And our limiting beliefs, stop us from reaching our full potential. 
        They are the reason we don’t follow our hearts desire and really go for what our soul is yearning for. 

        And since Law of Attraction is always responding to what we are focused on - consciously and subconsciously level, releasing beliefs that no longer serve us is a crucial stepping stone to success. 

        The problem is, most of us don’t know what’s in our subconscious mind. 
        And so we don’t understand why we’re manifesting things we don’t want! 

        The GOOD news is… your beliefs can be changed. 
        You can reprogrammed your subconscious mind with new beliefs that empower you. 

        Imagine living your life BELIEVING that your success is inevitable? 

        Or that you are wildly success and make money with ease? 

        Instead of believing 'I’m not good enough', 'money is hard to make', 'you have to work hard for success in business'. 

        A question.....

        How different do you think your thoughts => feelings => actions and =>results would be if you swopped your limiting and disempowering beliefs for new empowering and limitless beliefs?   

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        "I want to keep her forever is exactly how I feel , she always has the right answers that totally resonate with me and she’s always so wise and gets me back on track."

        "Hello, My name is Sarah Love ,
        I am an independent global educator 
        for hairdressers .

        I first came to Kirsty feeling overwhelmed with work life balance and family life , struggling to believe in myself , feeling stuck and like I wasn’t able to be a good mum , a good wife a good entrepreneur , I wasn’t able to have it all Kirsty has really helped guide me , she’s so supportive and is there for me everyday , her one on one program has seriously given me the help and support and love that I need.

        I want to keep her forever is exactly how I feel , she always has the right answers that totally resonate with me and she’s always so wise and gets me 
        back on track." 

        SARAH LOVE

        "Kirsty challenged those beliefs one by one and with it, helped me open up new opportunities and new growth potential."

        Working with Kirsty is like having your brain scrubbed and new glasses made… it clears confusion, then brings everything into sharp focus – fast. When we first began working together I had a really fixed idea about how I wanted to things to be, but I also had a really stubborn belief about how the world said I should get there. I didn’t know they were fixed beliefs, I was just suffering under the constantly reinforced programme that the world would have me adhere to. Kirsty challenged those beliefs one by one and with it, helped me open up new opportunities and new growth potential.
        We started off in the first session “firefighting” where I was at, got the imaginary blaze under control on day one and then went onto clean up my frequency and eventually create a pathway to success. It’s already happening! The vision for my life and business had dramatically transformed by the end of our final coaching session. What I had dismissed as out of my reach became my primary intention and my vibration was aligned and attuned to allowing it to come in for me.
        I stopped aiming so low.
        I stopped trying to control everything.
        I stopped letting the evidence distract me.
        I started believing in myself.
        I started believing the universe was supporting me (again).
        The most precious gift that Kirsty gave me though was permission to dream, belief that the dream was not only possible but worthy… and the ability to trust the path and the nudges to get me there.

        JO. J

        "Working with Kirsty 
        was everything
         I hoped and so much more!"

        "Working with Kirsty was everything
         I hoped and so much more!
        Kirsty meets you where you're at. You decide what you want to focus on and she guides you with insight, depth and a sense of humor. There were so many different aspects that we covered in the Unstoppable program and each one built on the next. From releasing the past and limited beliefs to setting goals and reprogramming the mind to creating your vision and new self image to integrating daily practices, getting into alignment and manifestation - and so much more in-between. I truly feel Unstoppable. Can I say that again? 
        I truly feel unstoppable. "

        LISA D.

        Meet Kirsty Kamarauskas - Personal Development Expert, Certified & Accredited Mindset Coach, Law Of Attraction Mentor and 7 Figure CEO 

        Hi, I'm Kirsty!

        How overcoming limiting beliefs was responsible for hitting £1m sales in my business

        The only thing that ever stood between me and hitting my £1m goals were my self imposed limitations. And I say self-imposed, because they had been created by me. By my mind.  

        I didn’t know this at the time. I thought my perceived limits were real. Because they felt so damn real. And just seemed to keep playing out in my life - as evidence that these limits, these beliefs were truth. My truth.

        I didn’t realise that our beliefs simply become our rules for life. A filter that we live life through and therefore become a self fulfilling prophecy. 

        I thought it was the other way around. That I believed what I believed BECAUSe of the things showing up and happening in my life. But I was wrong. 

        When I finally discovered that actually, everything I was experiencing was created by my beliefs (as neuroscience tells us) AND that I could change my beliefs, suddenly I was put back in the drivers seat of my life!!

        Beliefs = Thoughts = Emotions = Actions = Results
        X NOT Results = Beliefs 

        When I reprogrammed my mind, eliminating the limiting beliefs that had been holding me back and manifesting results I didn’t want, and reprogrammed new empowering beliefs that aligned to a 7 figure CEO - guess what? 

        Thats when sh*t got real! And Law of attraction started responding to me in a different way.

        I won’t lie and tell you it was simple and happened without any hiccups. Honestly? It was a bit of a roller coaster ride. And required a ton of faith, focus and persistence. 

        But… I’d never have been able to do it had I not reprogrammed my mind into believing that I could. And I’d also never have gotten the support and miracles from the universe to help me on my way, had I left my old limiting beliefs in control of my life. 

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